• 1871 Block 1
    1871 Block 1

    Christmas is Coming 1871

    "Christmas was coming to the Big Woods of Wisconsin, where Laura lived with her Pa and Ma, her older sister Mary, and her baby sister Carrie..." A Laura Ingalls Christmas. A new pattern/kit every month for 11 months! More pictures will be shown once the designer finishes them. 
    Block 1 ~ Christmas is Coming 6.5" x 30"
    Pattern Only $9.99
    Kit Only (100% wool) $23.99
    Pattern & Kit (100% wool) $32.99

    Block Two ~ Decorating the Mantel
    Block Three ~ Starlit Snow
    Block Four ~ Baking Gingerbread
    Block Five ~ Little Log House
    Block Six ~ Three Olde Mittens
    Block Seven ~ The Big Woods
    Block Eight ~ The Button String
    Block Nine ~ Sleigh Bells
    Block Ten ~ Santa Came
    Block Eleven ~ Family