• 1871 Block 6

    1871 Block 6
    1871 Block 61871 Block 6

    Christmas is Coming 1871

    Warm Woolen Mittens~ Block 6
    "...The days were clear and bright, but it was too cold to play outside. Laura and Mary stood on chairs and looked out the window....At the end of ecery day, Pa came into the log house with white frost on his mustache and beard. He stamped the snow from his boots and caught Laura up in a bear's hug against his big, cold coat..." A new pattern/kit every month for 11 months! More pictures will be shown once the designer finishes them. 

    Block 6 ~ Warm Woolen Mittens (15" x 8")
    Pattern Only $10.99
    Kit Only (100% wool) $19.99
    Pattern & Kit (100% wool) $29.99

    Block One ~ Christmas is Coming
    Block Two ~ Decorating the Mantel
    Block Three ~ Starlit Snow
    Block Four ~ Baking Gingerbread
    Block Five ~ Little Log House
    Block Six ~ Warm Woolen Mittens
    Block Seven ~ The Big Woods
    Block Eight ~ The Button String
    Block Nine ~ Sleigh Bells
    Block Ten ~ Santa Came
    Block Eleven ~ Family

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