• Baja Blue
    Baja Blue

    Baja Blue Cotton Braided Rug

    Blues and greens form a sea of turquoise, set against warm sand tones. Refreshing & beautiful, it's like having the beach right under your feet.
    Colors: blue, beige, green.
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  • Biscotti Braided Rug
    Biscotti Braided Rug

    Biscotti Cotton Braided Rug

    Warm rusts and toasty shades of brown are enhanced with crisp black and blue accents. This rug adds flavor and style to any room.
    Colors: Brown, Red, Blue
    All Prices include shipping!

  • Cocoa Bean
    Cocoa Bean

    Cocoa Bean Cotton Braided Rug

    A rich, strong blend of brown and black, with a touch of cream and soft grey accent. This dramatic rug is as invigorating as a cup of espresso.
    Colors: black, grey, mustard
    All Prices include shipping!

  • Enigma Braided Rug
    Enigma Braided Rug

    Enigma Cotton Braided Rug

    Subtle yet strong, our Enigma rug offers a stunning combination of black and rust, khaki and brown. Our handcrafted rugs are made with the finest materials.
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  • Log Cabin Step
    Log Cabin Step

    Log Cabin Step Cotton Braided Rug

    Brilliant blue and bright burgundy tones softened with shades of mustard, brown and gold. This bold and colorful rug adds drama to any decor.
    Colors: red, mustard, blue
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  • Neverland

    Neverland Cotton Braided Rug

    Fantasy meets reality in this vibrant display of ruby red, shades of green, mustard, & cream
    Colors: red, green, mustard
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  • Peppercorn Braided Rug
    Peppercorn Braided Rug

    Peppercorn Cotton Braided Rug

    Our Peppercorn braided rug combines russet red and warm shades of brown accented with black. 
    Colors: gold/brown, red, black
    All Prices include shipping!

  • Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie

    Pumpkin Pie Cotton Braided Rug

    Add spice to a room with rich shades of mustard, green, rust and olive. A classic combination that will bring years of enjoyment.
    Colors: red, beige, green
    All Prices include shipping!

  • Sunflower Braided Rug
    Sunflower Braided Rug

    Sunflower Cotton Braided Rug

    Imagine a French countryside. This warm, inviting rug captures the look of bright yellow flowers splashed across a brilliant blue sky.
    Colors: blue, grey, yellow 
    All Prices include shipping!