• **About our Furnitue

    **About our Furnitue

    The 13th Colony is proud to offer this distinctive line of American Primitive & American Country Furniture! We would be happy to assist you with your design needs and furniture choices. Dock and In Home delivery is available in all 52 states! Handcrafted in USA

    Mission Statement
    A family run business that is dedicated to bringing time honored furniture design, superbly crafted, to your home. Their furniture speaks of the past yet melds beautifully with today's styles and needs. As functional as it is beautiful, our period furniture is perfect as a centerpiece for a room or for a cozy corner. Simple traditional lines offer efficient comfort. Textures paired with patterns reminiscent of earlier times welcome you to sit, relax & enjoy. 

    Offering two distinctive product lines. American Primitives collection represents the "early American" period in furnishings. It's straight lines, simple design and sturdy dimensions harken back to colonial times. American Country Collection is for those who desire the charm and rustic nature of country furniture, but with modern comforts. 8-way, hand-tied, coiled springs and seats are just one example of our design that brings added comfort and relaxation. 

    Of course, with American Primitive & American Country Furniture, the craftsmanship is second to none. This furniture is not only a beautiful addition to your home decor, but also a piece of furniture to use and enjoy for years to come. Made in the USA, home to unparalleled quality in furniture, our furnishings feature solid wood foundations, color rich fabrics, and finishes that bring the look and feel of history into your home. 

    Quality Assurance~Traditional Eight-Way Hand-Tied
    A time-honored construction method using a series of coilsw, each tied - from front to back, side to side and diagonally - eight times. This system creates even comfort and prevents "give" in the frame. This traditional method is believed to offer superior comfort, but should never be confused with "Drop-In" or "Machine-Tied" coils, which some furniture retailers pass off as "Eight-Way".

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