• Autumn Signs
    Autumn Signs

    Autumn Sign

    Welcome Autumn ~ can be hung on wall or use easel to stand.
    10"w x 8" h 
    $19.99 each
    Price includes shipping!

    Autumn Blessings - SOLD OUT

  • Bethany Lowe: Beaded Garland
    Bethany Lowe: Beaded Garland

    Beaded Garland

    Mini Halloween Bead Garland: Fun to decorate your Fall or Halloween tree with our vintage beaded garland. I love to just set it on a shelf with other antiques because the packaging looks cute and old!

    Beaded Garland on Vintage style spool.
    6' l
    $12.99 Price includes shipping!

  • Cast Iron Crows
    Cast Iron Crows

    Cast Iron Crows

    One of our most popular items! These crows are solid cast iron and I promise they wont fly away. They look great inside or outside. I have had a pair outside for at least 5 years and they still look like new. 10" x 3.5 x 6"h each
    Set of Crows: $81.99
    Prices include shipping!

  • Floral: Autumn Garland 6'
    Floral: Autumn Garland 6'

    Autumn Garland

    This would be beautiful on a fireplace mantle! Pinecones, berries, twigs, pumpkins & leaves.
    6' long     
    $68 Price includes shipping!

  • Floral: Bittersweet & Leaves Candle Ring
    Floral: Bittersweet & Leaves Candle Ring

    Bittersweet & Leaves Candle Ring

    These candle rings are so full! Fall berries & pods, Fall blooms & leaves.
    Set of 2 - $24
    Set of 4 - $43
    Price includes shipping!

  • Floral: Cockleburs
    Floral: Cockleburs


    These are amazing, they look real and the colors are beautiful. Cockleburs vary in color from rust to mustard.
    20" long, Set of 3 - $28.99
    Free Shipping!

  • Floral: Coco Poker Stem
    Floral: Coco Poker Stem

    Coco Poker Stem

    Color is a brown/green with hints of mustard. 
    23" long, Set of 3 - $27.99
    Free Shipping!

  • Floral: Falls Pumpkin
    Floral: Falls Pumpkin

    Falls Pumpkin

    $24 Price includes shipping!

  • Floral: Goldenrod - Rust
    Floral: Goldenrod - Rust

    Goldenrod - Rust 

    This is a mustard/golden color but does have some clusters of  small berries that are rust/orange. The photo of the bouquet alone is not showing the correct color. The color is exactly like it looks when photographed in the crock. 

    21" long, Set of 3 - $24.99
    Free Shipping!

  • Floral: Harvest Time Wreath
    Floral: Harvest Time Wreath

    Harvest Time Wreath

    Absolutely Beautiful ~ Enjoy year after year!
    22"  (outside measurement)
    $69 Price includes shipping!

  • Floral: Rust Berry Wheat
    Floral: Rust Berry Wheat

    Rust Berry Wheat 

    A rust color (brownish orange) that looks perfect for fall!
    21" long, Set of 3 - $32.99
    Free Shipping!

  • Floral: Wheat Candle Ring Wreath
    Floral: Wheat Candle Ring Wreath

    Wheat Candle Ring Wreath

    We have a hard time keeping these in stock, it's so sweet and simple! I use them to put around my pillar candles in the fall and also to hang on primitive cupboard doors. 
    Outside dimension is approximately 8"
    $14 Price includes shipping!

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