• Temperance Tavern Sign
    Temperance Tavern Sign

    Temperance Tavern Sign

    "Back in 1647 the Colony of Massachusetts decreed that every establishment shall have some inoffensive sign, obvious, for the direction of strangers posted within three months of its licensing'. The smart businessman obeyed the law. He also understood the profit-making effects of advertising. As a result, an untold number of signs tempted patronage in villages, towns and cities throughout Massachusetts and the other 12 colonies as well. Taverns signs were produced by American painters, creating a distinct visual language and offering a glimpse into tavern life, travel, and patriotic ideals in early America."

    Handmade and painted by D. Skolas in Maine, USA.  SOLD
    21.5"H x 28"W      $374.99 Price includes shipping!

    Each tavern sign is hand painted and slight variations may occur.

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